BringASiriFriend is alive

I just decided to start a new “business” which is called Bring A Siri Friend. It is just a simple service for people who have an iPhone 4S and want to distribute its keys to other iPhones (4/3Gs or iPod Touhc 4G) either for profit or just fun. It is pretty cheap, at least I think so, but if you are interested, check out its cool website:

Also if you already have a server, but doesn’t know how to install and setup SpireProxy you can always contact me and get a special price for this service. To contact me use this form:

As I already said SpireProxy is an easy to use and convenient server program, that doesn’t eat up much of your server resources (I think it needs like 3% CPU and 10 MB of RAM or so), but combined with an iPhone 4S it is the best and most efficient way to distribute Siri keys to older iDevices.

I personally have been using the server program for more than a week and it works like charm. My first client @BringASiriFriend is also satisfied and had no glitches or server downtime since he ordered the server.