HP’s love for Wisconsin

I just read this quite nice article about a backdoor in HP’s D2D/StorOnce Storage unit. It is unbelievable how a vendor can ignore such a huge problem.

Anyhow, I decided to publish the password behind the SHA1, mainly because the first Google hit for “online sha1 cracker” simply had this hash already in it, so I don’t see the point of not publishing it. I am just making your life easier to spare you a trip to this free service, enter their captcha and see the password:

78a7ecf065324604540ad3c41c3bb8fe1d084c50 SHA1: badg3r5

Thank you very much MD5decrypter.co.uk!

As I can read it it says Badgers, so I assume HPSuport must be in love with Wisconsin, which is a good thing: the Wisconsin Badgers are the athletic teams representing University of Wisconsin from Madison (Wisconsin’s capital). I like the Badgers too, that’s why I have a badger hangin’ on my keychain all the time. Guess I am kind of similar to HPSupport (? :D).