SpireProxy 0.1 released

Hello People,

Some asked me in my previous post to send them my code, so I decided to keep it easier and better I am going ot provide you a GIT-repo, so you can see, modify and easily download my code.

Before I paste in the link to my code I need to say thank you for some people:
-My dear friend Gábor, who kept helping me with various Ruby issues and kept me going even when I felt like a useless piece of wood
-Applidium for creating Cracking-Siri
-plamoni for using Cracking-Siri to create SiriProxy
-stantheripper for creating SiriAuth and AuthGrabber

Please, if you make some money from using this software, or just like my work consider donating!

Here is the link to the GIT-repo:

If you have a nice Linux server and access to an iPhone 4S I would encourage you to run a SpireProxy server and make some money. The good part of it is that it doesn’t require any interaction (none from the 4S user and none from the 4 user) and it lets you use the internet and Siri all together.

If you need an awesome VPS-host which is compatible with SpireProxy, check out http://www.host1plus.com/vps-hosting/
I use them too, and for the first month they only charge you with 0.13 USD (=13 cents) which is I guess a nice price. Also they give you VNC-access so it is easy to run multiple programs and let them running (starting something via VNC and then closing the VNC connection doesn’t make it terminate the process – a lot easier then using nohup ssh).